Lomani au children's home

First Official Work team

Sat, 30/07/2011

In mid July 2011, Michael McPhee (tiler) and Trent Slater (plumber) were the first official workteam to Lomani Au.

They teamed up with our local Savusavu legend, Frank Luita. Their busy 7 day schedule included installing a rainwater tank and pressure pump, concreting a hardstand for the tank, tiling and replumbing two bathrooms, installing an external shower and toilet for future work teams, cutting down trees and much more. 

Thankyou Michael, Trent & Frank for partnering with Lomani Au.

From Trent.........

Plumbing may not be seen as a talent from God to some, but for me years ago I just knew that one day I would be using my trade and talent to bless others. What I didn’t know was that it would be in another country and assisting in building a Children’s Home – Lomani Au. Somewhere where God’s children could call home and more importantly know they belong and are loved.

The Lomani Au house is an incredible home and the location...words cannot really describe. I described the view as ‘exquisite’ (a word I wouldn’t usually use) to my wife. God doesn’t give anything but the best to his children.

Whilst staying in the Lomani Au home we connected with the people in the nearby village. One family in particular was Frank, Aggie and their three children Precious, Nathan & Charlie (cheeky Charlie). Frank has played a pivotal role as the Fiji builder for the home. We ate with them in their house, played rugby with the children and went to Church with them – a real experience that you cannot get at a Resort.
They showed us the great sense of community within the village and the complete faith that God will provide not just in times of need but rather in day to day living.

I could go on with countless stories from our few days over in Fiji but to see God’s hand on this project, the people’s hearts (both here in Australia & in Fiji) is just amazing. I was telling Frank of a fundraiser ‘Kana Vata’ being organised back in Bundaberg for the Lomani Au Home. For Frank knowing that people back in Australia care and want to help the people in his community really stirred alot of emotion.
All I can say from my experience is that it’s filled me spiritually and left me hungry for more.