Lomani au children's home

Accommodation Building and New Deck

Sun, 16/10/2011

On September 17th , 9 hardworking folks from “Mobile Mission Maintenance (MMM) – New Zealand” landed in Savusavu to commence work on a new accommodation building.

This team has been a huge blessing to Lomani Au.

They have worked tirelessly alongside our local man Frank. They will be at Lomani Au until October 3rd.

On October 12th, 9 men from Bundaberg, Australia will pick up where the MMM team left off.

Thanks MMM NZ. We are very grateful for your hard work and generosity.

On October 12th a team of 9 men from Bundy landed to continue where MMM left off on the accommodation building.

They had great weather and made much progress as per the below pictures. They also started work on the new deck
on the existing house.

A lot of very important maintenance was also carried out on the house. Thanks guys. What a huge week.

From Glen......

I traveled to SavuSavu in October 2011 with a bunch of guys who all had one purpose in mind… to serve God by doing whatever was needed to progress the building and maintenance at Lomani Au.

It was an incredible experience… with nine guys for nine days getting Lomani Au ready to accept children.

We saw the accommodation building grow block by block by block by block! The deck for the house began from scratch and  improvements to the house were carried out to make living there more comfortable.

There was a true sense of single purpose, great fellowship, great dinners in SavuSavu and the group devotion time each morning was a highlight! Oh, and plenty of taxis!

What a beautiful spot in God’s creation to bring up the children that God will place there.

A time in my life that I’ll never forget.


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